Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mad Rant

When I started my quest to get published, I quickly discovered that in today’s motherfuckin' tech society, you have to put yourself out there -- goddamn electronically. Social media connects similar-minded perverts across the globe and beyond. Beyond The Rum Diary goes against the normal diary from normal writers and instead offers punch-drunk blues twisted with rage happy rants. In 1999, only 100 blogs existed, then a year later my first draft in the form of a screenplay (yes, it was turned from a rough screenplay to a novel) called Time Tracks before Blue Kite and then Beyond The Blue Kite. So the first bloggers were techies. They had to be, because in 1999 there was nothing like the huge fucking systems of today. The blogosphere is a world that brings out both the best and worst in people, a haven for drunken journalists or anybody and nobody. I’m the next wave of non-techie bloggers looking to make a mark as the most intoxicated conspiracy theorist and crazy sports junkie, and serious-minded writer.

Like a good beaver, I'm building a fucking platform. I'm listening to Wynona's Big Brown Beaver and drinking Ex Light while writing and dreaming of the Civil War in Oregon. Oregon State Beavers defensive coordinator Kalani Sitake understands the anticipation for the 2015 season. Rather than take the summer to recharge, he's been mentally preparing and getting fucking ready.