In That Year (1999)

A Reflection

In that year there was
An intense farewell
With energy,
With greatness,
With grandness and grandeur,
I was high on a rooftop of emotion.
I left school and went
Up to the penthouse to live;
The end of 1998
Seemed a party, like it was 1999!
Parting with time ended as divine,
For a rebirth of art and technology
Revealed a new Renaissance,
The time of a Technossance,
To forever change industry;
I looked from above
And I looked below, 
I saw a new night.

When a cold rain falls for a last time,
Could we engage in a new era of time?
Translating a millennium moment
Would be to see in darkness,
To travel in metal,
To speak over wires;
For this ever-changing planet
Etched in stonework and granite
Belongs for us to progress
Or destroy in a mess.

In that year, I slept near a far-off star.
On one night, I searched ever so far.
On another night in that year,
I met a girl.
She was singing holy hymns,
We slept on the roof.
At night, the moon became
A female’s face,
I met the Spirit of Life.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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