Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Are 11 Types Of Writer's Block?

Writer's block is a creative slowdown. It's just about the least fun part of being a bloody good writer, and one of the greatest stumbling blocks a lot of big businesses face with content marketing.

Refer to me simply. 

Who's Your Captain?

What you probably don't realize is that writer's block is a great subject that I am going to tackle in a great way. I'm going to steer you through the various forms and overcome the obstruction reminding you that writer's block can happen anywhere, especially when you're on vacation in Cuba. Why did I go far, far away to the island? Because the dead of winter in Canada is best celebrated in the Caribbean.


The voices spin and spin
Like a tired, old record 

And within I'm full of sin. 
I carry my broken memories

Where once I would grin and grin,
Playing a repetitive song
From a soundtrack within,

But now I drink rum, vodka or gin
While too happy to sleep
To sing a song within
From the Caribbean.

Cayo Santa Maria

Sometimes poetry is the best way to deal with writer's block in a serious way when I'm finding it impossible to go beyond the rum diary. The flight home from Cuba would have been better if we circled the moon while listening to the Lionheart Network. Now I'm back home and I'm plagued by the cold and 11 types of writer's block.
  1. Cuban withdrawal syndrome
  2. Swimmer's ear
  3. Lack of ideas
  4. A lack of language
  5. A bold beginning with multiple endings
  6. Emotional block
  7. Separation block
  8. Erratic over-editing
  9. Procrastination
  10. Flat World
  11. Leaking Lionheart Leaks is a novel idea about struggling employees working at a failing company, but I need to continue working at a job that's not failing because getting pissed won't help to get back to Cuba.
Cayo Santa Maria