Tales From The Foot

Gerald's Rap (Geropolis)

(Somewhere in Ohio's Licking County,
Gerald Chapman flees Communism.
He runs and runs,
He friggin' flees
To Camp Cod
And Monique.)

Monique's Left Shoe

I was at a campfire, captivated by a campsite.
And I met a woman and stared at her left shoe,
Saying: “Aren’t these marshmallows a delight?”
She replied, “They’re soft and sweet like you.”
I smirked and flirted that early autumn night,
I felt mostly lazy, while near smoke and soot.
Then she whispered to me, “I love fiery light.”
I fumbled and mumbled, “I love your left foot.”
While befuddled we cuddled near a fiery flame
Knowing she'd look deeper into my crazy eyes,
I blushed to exclaim, “You have a pretty name!”
She said, “I love your eyes and foreign cries.”
We had a fling without a ring and I felt blue,
Only to be interested in Monique’s left shoe. 


Bigfoot was big-hearted in my youthful schemes.
The blistered, bearded beast had whiskered feet
And walked inhuman but a man of myths and dreams
And Bigfoot was a monster who I wished to greet.
I was eleven, a well-dressed boy, clean and neat,
Curious to meet the friendly freak with surprise,
Thumping sounds followed his huge feet to a beat,
Tourists hunted as he hid bothered by a disguise.
Harshly and madly, he was deformed to human eyes
As leader of the world's biggest underground band,
Bigfoot was a far-fetched myth trapped
 beyond lies,
Living as a secret in a timeless and magical land.
Mr. Foot lived in his rock shelter without care,
I wanted to measure his feet hidden in hair.

My Foot

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