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Richard Tattoni was born in 1876 on the east side of Little Italy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At a young age, his parents moved to the Golden Horshoe, rearing the boy as real as Hamilton steel. His parents eventually moved to Burlington, Ontario. There were years of living in the projects. He almost didn't go to Mohawk College. He nearly took a course in urban planning in university. The intent was to study the street layout of Burlington. When Richard returned to Hamilton, he served a stint as Hess Village's mayor, then quit politics. He moved to Brewington. However, don't think that this seemingly drunk frozen location affects all of his fiction or where his fiction takes us. His parents were hard-working good people with Italian roots that reveal many of the strengths of his charcter. From a young age, he was drawn to creative endeavours and believed Alan Dershowitz was the world's best lawyer, but the writing seized him once again later in life and he saw life after death and the great beyond.

The writing started in high school with friends forming Igloo of the Polar Bear, a small poetry press. After high school sports, a college program and internship in media, and the start of a career that tested only a fraction of his editing and creative abilities, Richard continued putting words on paper. The writer felt more confident increasing knowledge and skills.

Even as an adult, Richard could be described as having a 'wild imagination', which actually means that he has a tendency to embellish and doesn't always follow the rules of small talk in a conversation or answer questions. It turns out that this is just the formidable strength of some fiction writers. Further university training to polish his works in progress provided him with the skills to make better, more straightforward stories. The poetry you come across is almost entirely raw, experimental, fun, and reflective. Richard has read Mexico City Blues and Leonard Cohen's poetry.

After years of working the nine-to-five grind at Pelmorex and Lionheart businesses, Richard made more time for writing offline. Gaining a certificate in creative writing from Humber College in 2019 and remaining active in the writing community, he refused to give up. He poured his heart and soul into writing, in a way that was difficult to imagine and with a dedication that was inspiring, pushing boundaries, writing with a razor's edge. Richard found a spot in Rob McLennan's Guest Blog talking about his writing day, and through it all, his dreamland, once described as a pipe dream with no foundation, morphed into a goal: a real and achievable goal in the heart of Brewington.

Richard has come to the end of the line with his storytelling, everything from picaresque, adventure, dark fantasy, literary fiction, mystery, creative non-fiction, comic thriller, suspense, new adult, crime, mental health, contemporary and bizarro fiction. The author hopes the dark work resonates with those who read his stories. French Press Bookworks Author Roundtable featured a discussion about writing dialogue as his first video appearance. He doesn't serve the moral of the story on a platter but requires the reader to dig in, get their hands dirty, and feel like they've achieved something real. Richard found the Canadian Dream in a place he calls Brewington, a place from his dreams.

As far as Richard's other life, his non-writing life, he was a writer-in-residence at a local library in Brewington and served as a head coach of the Brewington Buckaroos hockey team. His home was located at 77 Bad Boy Drive in Brewington, where he lived with his beautiful wife and kids. Grateful and jubilant every day when reminded that he found a community who 'got him'. Richard still loves good beer, and he rocks out whenever he gets the chance.

The author's development of the word Technossance describes the birth of technological arts; Richard's fight through the grips of the industrial revolutions as a writer and internet poet. The old writer, the Tattoni-ceratops, invites you to follow his carbon footprint. But his writing is much more exciting than he is, so go on and go order your own copy of his novel.

The old writer is taking a hiatus from The Great Beyond, but he'll be back again someday.

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