Friday, April 15, 2016

Old Study: Insects Are The Great Survivors

A fucking big Dragonfly

Giant insects ruled the great prehistoric skies during periods when small and ancient Earth's atmosphere was rich in oxygen. Then birds came on Earth. Then after the evolution of birds and humans... dragons ruled with dinosaurs. Insects reached their greatest sizes about 300 million years ago, during the late Carboniferous and early Permian periods. This was the reign of the predatory griffin-flies, giant dragonfly-like insects with wingspans of up to 28 inches (70 centimeters)... and the flying insects got bigger and bigger! They got so motherfuckin' big that the bloody insects took over my mind. I envied insects and wanted to be like one.


At night, I'm a dragon that breathes smoke,
At daybreak, I’ll sleepwalk with human folk.
I saw Mr. Charles Darwin at an orphanage,
Over institutions of my fen-raged dreams,
Off coast-lands of weedy-soaked serpents,
The sea flows from sorrow of storage.

An attic within a cave conceals me for a while.
Then I arise, alone of scales, spikes of style,
I rage with madness at my seventh horn.
As my three eyes weep at unseeing dark,
Nightfall of stone-blind infectious sharks,
Swimming with ailing evil, I’m reborn.

I snarl and gnarl at a trapdoor of rocky bars
As a fire-breathing monster bleeding scars,
Craving for a sea nymph to set me free;
Sharing darkness with an immortal breeze
I breathe flames with venomous steam,
I kill a Raven and eat her in the sea.

These cages kill the memory of a stranger,
Of sunshine and days loving Amy Granger;
When daylight struck my brow for sight,
Though here I dwell as a disfigured reptile
Hurting with hunger to walk as a human,
But I’m lizard-like, slithering with fright.

There beaming in the horizon gleams her,
Beckoning for me to drown in slumber,
To nap with wet dreams of a heavenly sky,
To forsake burning desire of unholy fire
And to end nibbles of dog-hearted fancy;
In place of evolving, as a creature I’ll fly.

Photo courtesy of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor