Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wait Just A Cotton Pickin' Minute Here

The Game of Reading
Frog Legs -- as you digest my free musing mood, wondering what monstrous scientific experiment is about to be performed next -- stop, read and know time is how you live life through the acute awareness of the here and now. Frog Legs is actually a track from Cakewalk. Reminiscing a recent summer night, sitting back with a margarita in my hand, listening to Voodoo Walters magically fill the air with the sound of blues rhythm, I’m mesmerized again. I want to yell “Play it again,” and rage like a mad Blue Jays fan who doesn’t remember the Yankees dynasty or when I was a weary lover unable to express feelings in prose (and I'm still pretty pissed off about that). I get up and walk away.


Over time I've been
Hiding behind a naked maple tree,
A silly disguise, sliding down 
A steep hill to where it would lie.
Finding it every time without telling a soul,
Hoping you would discover me.
The birds would fly to southern skies
And you behind a branch or two,
So beautiful like a flower that faded before
As I arrange an array of roses,
Flowers in my heart where I silently cry;
The wood ages after years
But still I go looking not wearing my mask.
And I would find this place,
Running after dreams
That I would chase.

Chasing flowers turned into demons in my head, I stop everything. I just fucking stop, wondering, if time is how you live life, then why do I own a useless collection of cheap imported watches. A stop sign. I stop my idle constipated procrastination, looking in all directions before crossing the street, I move my old feet and walk through Kensington Market with a drunken swagger. With a heart of darkness, I'm finding myself deeper in the heart of Toronto. Buzzing about On The Road, it's a hot topic of discussion among sweaty locals. On The Road Again was a hit country song. I would review the book and talk about the Beat Generation, but I want to dig deeper and finish reading Naked Lunch and Mexico City Blues. Naked Lunch is staring in front of me. I open the book and I'm slowly reading. I sober up, but now intoxicating words are dancing in my head. As I order another water, it's so fucking hot and I'm uncomfortable reading about the bastard doctor in the book. I want to read on, because the words are like music and medicine. Blues or country or anything with a heartbeat is pretty much on my playlist since I’m motivated to do nothing, other than read or drive on the Q.E.W. and imagine it’s the L.A. Freeway and I’m in the Hollywood of my mind. I would love to sign a book deal, knowing I’m too old to narrate the teen protagonist in Beyond The Blue Kite, I'm wondering if anybody would want to listen to the audio book.

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