Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Want To Be Your Halloween Man-Witch

Boo! Did I scare you? Flying kites multiplying and taking over the dark sky not terrifying. But be afraid, I write dark fiction not horror. Stephen King got his big break from writing horror. I won’t be getting a big break from The Great Beyond.

If I had a broom, adjusting the broom between my legs, I'd fly away as your man-witch from hell. My destination would be Oz or Wonderland or maybe the shadows of heaven. It would make the perfect story and it would become crystal clear that some of the best witches are men or women or transvestites. A love affair between me and the dark side of fiction -- it's not that I want to fly into Oz and fall on another witch after she takes a liking to my storytelling. I'm sitting here, beyond acid flashbacks or nervous breakdowns, thinking more about talking truth on writing dialogue or the discipline of writing daily with French Press Bookworks Author Roundtable.

I was going to write about witches and ghosts and goblins, but then I didn’t.

I was going to write about fantastic fantasy, but then I didn’t.

I was going to write about mystery, but I’m already writing it.

Organization is the key to unlocking the mystery of how to write more. Find a way to organize your writing, then write more, one step at a time. The discipline of writing daily comes from deep within the pure or impure soul. It usually starts slow or fast, but it has to start somewhere. Six pages into Chapter 10 of Lionheart Leaks, but then I stop and hit a wall. Twitter takes over. I’m out of control and I’m tweeting like a mental patient with WiFi privileges. I’m starting to get more ideas from the craziness, and imagination is spewing from every time of the day. What if Lionheart Leaks alternative title is The Death Of Terrestrial Radio (in endless parts). What is Terrestrial radio? In broadcasting, it’s any electronic device designed to receive, demodulate, and amplify radio signals from sound stations. It only gets harder.

WIFE: Stephen King schedules time to write every day and writes six pages a day. You need to write daily as a discipline.

ME: I hate Stephen King.

WIFE: Just write.

ME: Alright, alright, alright.

Drink good. A great big blast from the past, feverishly writing pages of poetry and I’m not sleeping on the couch in front of the laptop, but I’m writing, drinking and sleeping before writing and drinking more. I rely on the ageless life tip of staying hydrated as the best writing tip and advice. Something like this:


Speaking English
on Indian Lake Beach
sounds foreign
and loud.

Stripping naked
misunderstood --
on a dark beach
under the moon,
hearing heavy metal
sound fluent and rich.


Heavy metal is made here,
where we’re under a rock
from a cave
but nowhere I can reveal.
I can only make you hear.

Put a blanket on my bed
and drape it over my head.
If you don’t know what I’ve said,
It’s because I’m speaking a dialect of Navajo.

King of the foreign tongue
lost in translation
from illusions
of delusions
of darkness.

MADNESS (11th Chorus)

Madness deepens and overwhelms
a deeper desire of hate.
Only profound sadness
and inner voices
screams words
nobody hears.

Headaches fill the dark hours
raging only in my mind.
You can’t smell my onion-stained breath,
since not speaking
or shouting a word.

I try to resist madness,
only to hear nothing --
beyond belief
to cry
from sadness.
a tissue from my face
wiping tears,
wiping fear.
I want to write 
to the mighty

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