Monday, June 6, 2016

All The World's A Stage Of Consciousness

My consciousness scares me. This is heaven not hell. This is opening The Doors and finding me listening to a religious experience happening every Sunday in the church of my basement. But there's a beginning and end to everything. He rises again.

Fare Thee Well: Celebrating The Grateful Dead was a series of concerts, but never say goodbye if you still want to try. Reincarnated in my basement, I don't want to try and I'm waiting for the end of The End. I'm listening to blessed Jim; and The Second Coming gives me new life. I turn out the lights in the basement and hear my heartbeat as the music rudely stops. Finally. Skedaddles everywhere. Just the pussycat as a screensaver on the computer and it's on the chair. I throw her off the chair and Iook around, but there's nothing but darkness in a cold, dark basement. Who's really watching Sin City on Netflix?

The Basement
I close the door to the basement and exit the house. It's just after eleven at night and I'm heading to the nearby woods. The forest is quiet. My skin is cold. There is darkness everywhere. There is just utter darkness and I'm thinking I'm miles away from the laptop and cat. I look up at the stars. We're going to be landing on Mars in eleven years and we're going to have driver-less cars in twenty-two years. Everyone will be reading instead of watching TV. It's going to look a lot different. I sleep under the stars and when the sun comes up, I'm a day older and praying to Jim Morrison from a new religion and a new era of time where there are no doors and everything is wide open to anyone who can read. Who's actually reading books or hearing a story?

Credit Valley Footpath
preposition & adverb
  1. 1.
    at or to the further side of.
    "he pointed to a spot beyond the trees"
    synonyms:on the far side of, on the other side of, further away than, behind, past, after

After normally goes before a noun, like after midnight when I stayed up all night and all day writing and revising because of the passion. And there's no replacing feeling good. Sometimes a mean piss just feels so good. Sometimes knowing the wheels are coming off the world makes me want to drive faster before slowing down and realizing this isn't The Midnight Traffic Report, and my mind is trapped in a fucking forest. I'm the king of the forest and owner of Lionheart. Lionheart Leaks is a series of POV installments from employees in the media industry. It's beyond anything created before. Sin City, not really. It's time to move.

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